While the level of care and treatment you receive during your surgery is enormously important, the recovery period is also crucial to achieving a desirable result. Your good results will depend on how you treat your body following surgery. Because your body heals in a very specific way, it’s necessary to use that healing process to your advantage. To help make sure that your recovery period helps your end result, Dr. Perry Liu and the professionals at the Calf Reduction Center will help you every step of the way.

After Surgery

You will be given instructions on what to do in the post-op recovery process. Prior to surgery, it’s important that you become very familiar with these steps and take any actions necessary to implement them. If you have any questions regarding these steps, the representatives at the Calf Reduction Center will help you out.

For out of town patients who will be staying at a hotel for the first several days after surgery, other arrangements are needed. We have several patient care coordinators who will help organize private caregivers to help you during this time.

Alternately, we are affiliated with a number of luxurious aftercare facilities in the Beverly Hills area. These facilities are the perfect alternative to a hotel. They provide patients with anything needed following surgery, including:

  • 24-hour nursing care
  • Clean, comfortable environment
  • Gourmet in-room dining
  • Private transportation
  • Multiple amenities, including in-room spa treatment

The available aftercare facilities include:

At the Calf Reduction Center, our relationship with you doesn’t end once your surgery is over. We are available at any point after your procedure to help you through the recovery process. If you experience any complications or concerns, call us and we will help you through it.


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