What is a Calf Reduction?

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Who wouldn’t love to flaunt slim legs and toned calves? Most women would love to have slender legs that let them wear the trendiest boots in town. Muscular hypertrophy and fat deposits can make the calves look wide and unsightly. Despite weight loss, dieting or exercise, it can be challenging to reduce the width of the calves.

There could be many reasons behind wide calves including a genetic pattern of fat deposit in the calves, water retention, cellulite, muscular hypertrophy or a sedentary lifestyle.

Both surgical and non-surgical options are available to correct the width of the calves.

Non-surgical calf reduction


Doctors carefully choose the muscles that are relaxed in the calves. The gastrocnemius muscle is usually the one which is responsible for the bulky and muscular look. The purpose of Botox is to render these muscles inactive which then leads to their shrinking ultimately resulting in a more slender appearance of the calves.

With Botox, there is no downtime and people who receive the treatment can resume their normal day-to-day functions.

Radiofrequency calf reduction

This is a minimally invasive procedure that uses radiofrequency to eliminate bulk and reduce the calf width. At the Calf Reduction Center, we use ThermiRF which is an advanced device that pinpoints the nerves’ location that needs to be addressed in the calves. Our doctors achieve precise bulk reduction while the calf functions are fully preserved.

Surgical options for calf reduction

Partial calf reduction

The two muscles responsible primarily for the bulk of the calf are the gastrocnemius muscles. Partial calf resection carried out under a general anesthetic, consists of partial removal of the medial gastrocnemius muscle and if required, the soleus and the lateral gastrocnemius. Doctors at the Calf Reduction Center can precisely control the outcome of this surgical procedure to give the desired definition. Up to 7 centimeters can be reduced in calf width through this safe procedure.

Selective neurectomy

There are three muscles in the calf namely, the lateral gastrocnemius, the medial gastrocnemius, and soleus

At the Calf Reduction Center, our specialists select one of the three muscles to reduce its activity. When the muscle is not active, it gradually loses its bulk and shrinks in size. Selective neurectomy calls for in-depth knowledge of the technique and anatomy to precisely achieve the desired definition in the legs which our doctors at Calf Reduction Center have specialized in. Carried out under local anesthesia, the doctors scan the nerves to see which ones need to be clipped. The results are gradual and up to 3 centimeters of reduction in the calf width can be seen.

Calf liposuction

If there are excess fat deposits in the calf, liposuction is effective in removing them. The experts at the Calf Reduction Center make small incisions under a local anesthetic through which a cannula is inserted. The fat is then broken down into pieces and liquefied which is sucked out through the cannula.

Consulting Dr. Perry Liu, the Medical Director and one of the leading plastic surgeons Los Angeles has on offer, is the best way to understand which option is best suited for you.


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