For many women, the calves are an area of cosmetic trouble. In some cases, they may be a nice size, but the muscle definition is too severe. In other cases, the overall size of the calf is too large and extends down to the ankle. Whatever the situation, calf reduction may be able to help women achieve the slender appearance they’ve been looking for. Here at the Calf Reduction Center, we offer five methods of calf reduction, each one treating calves in a slightly different fashion. They range from direct and dramatic reduction to very subtle, noninvasive reduction. Upon your initial consultation, our doctors will examine your calves to and recommend the procedure that will produce the best results.

BOTOX® Calf Reduction

As the only noninvasive form of calf reduction, the use of BOTOX in the calves gives patients a painless, no downtime way to slimmer, sexier calves.

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RF Calf Reduction

A minimally invasive procedure, radiofrequency calf reduction works by painlessly burning away specific calf fibers to give a pleasing, slender appearance.

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Selective Neurectomy

Selective neurectomy is a popular form of calf reduction that uses controlled atrophy to bring calf size down, giving it a smooth appearance.

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Partial Calf Resection

By surgically removing portions of the calf muscle, partial calf resection is the most immediate, direct method of reducing size and definition of the calves.

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Calf Liposuction

Our doctors use time-honored methods of liposuction to rid the calves and ankles of unsightly fat, giving you back the confidence you deserve.

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Qualified Surgeons

Because the calves are one of the most visible parts of a woman’s body, it is important that patients find a surgeon highly experienced in the field of calf reduction. Not only have our doctors been delivering calf reduction for many years, they have also helped develop several techniques that have been broadly accepted. Further, they are board certified in plastic surgery, the highest level of accreditation a plastic surgeon can attain. There are few surgeons more qualified to provide the perfect aesthetic result you’ve been looking for.

Because calf reduction is a big decision, we encourage you to ask any questions you have. We will take all the time necessary to make sure you have enough data to make an informed decision. We’ve found that the best patients are educated and highly motivated regarding their procedure. Leading up to your decision, this is exactly what we aim to produce. If you would like to schedule a consultation, please call our office today.


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