Selective Neurectomy

When muscles are not used, they atrophy, meaning they shrink and waste away because they are not being stimulated. When it comes to calf reduction, our doctors can use this to thier advantage. Selective neurectomy is a popular form of calf reduction that uses controlled atrophy to bring calf size down, giving it a slender and smooth appearance.

Selective Neurectomy Overview

Gastrocnemius Muscle

The calf contains three primary muscles: the medial gastrocnemius, the lateral gastrocnemius and the soleus.

In selective neurectomy, our expert doctors use their in depth knowledge of nerves in the calf to reduce the activity of any one of these three major muscles, depending on where the bulk is located. Because no muscle is actually removed, the result is gradual and eventually reduces calf size as well as definition. While selective neurectomy is less predictable than direct muscle removal, our doctors have developed a keen ability to use selective neurectomy to get the best possible result.

If you are a patient considering selective neurectomy, your first step at the Calf Reduction Center is a thorough consultation. During this time, your doctor will review the different methods of calf reduction, giving you a full education on what is available. Additionally, they will perform an examination on your calves so they can make personal recommendations regarding what would be the most effective method for you. Overall, the consultation is to provide you with the information necessary to make the right decision.

Selective Neurectomy Procedure

As a minimally invasive procedure, selective neurectomy is typically done under local anesthesia. This way you are able to lie on the table comfortably while your doctor peforms his work.

To begin, your doctor will make an incision at the top of the calf behind the knee. From this very small incision, your doctor will be able to find the exact nerves that need to be severed. They will then sweep the nerves using specialty tools, and clips the applicable nerves to give the calf the best, most possible shape possible.

It is important for patients to understand that the effects of selective neurectomy are gradual. It may take up to a year to see the full results. However, the results are there to be achieved, and many patients see a 3-centimeter reduction in their calf circumference. When you come for your initial consultation, make sure to ask your doctor if selective neurectomy is right for you.

Why the Calf Reduction Center?

The Calf Reduction Center is a full service surgical suite located in Beverly Hills, California, headed up by our Medical Director, board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Perry Liu. We welcome patients from all over the world who are looking to change some aspect of their appearance. If you are looking for cosmetic enhancement of your calves, please give us a call to set an appointment.


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